Main epidemiological studies of the effects of rays on tissues

Main epidemiological studies of the effects of rays on tissues

  • USA

- Chesapeake Bay Watermen study
Neil M. Bressler, MD; Susan B. Bressler, MD; Sheila K. West, PhD;Stuart L. Fine, MD;
Hugh R. Taylor, MD
The Grading and Prevalence of Macular Degeneration in Chesapeake Bay Watermen
Arch Ophthalmol. 1989;107(6):847-852.

- Beaver Dam Eye Study, Wisconsin/Madison

- Cruickshanks, K.J., Klein, R., Klein, B.E.K., 1993. Sunlight and age related macular
degeneration—the Beaver Dam Eye Study.
Arch Ophthalmol. 111, 514–518.

- Sandra C. Tomany, MS; Karen J. Cruickshanks, PhD; Ronald Klein, MD, MPH;
Barbara E. K. Klein, MD, MPH; Michael D. Knudtson, MS.
Sunlight and the 10-Year Incidence of Age-Related Maculopathy.
The Beaver Dam Eye Study.
Arch Ophthalmol. 2004;122:750-757.

- Salisbury Eye Evaluation Project, Baltimore G S Rubin, S K West, B Munoz, K
Bandeen-Roche, S Zeger, O Schein, L P Fried

A comprehensive assessment of visual impairment in a population of older
Americans . The SEE Study. Salisbury Eye evaluation.
Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. March 1997 vol. 38 no. 3 557-568

  • Australia :

Blue Mountains Eye Study, Sydney
Darzins, P., Mitchell, P., Heller, R.F., 1997.
Sun exposure and agerelated macular degeneration—an Australian case-control
Ophthalmology 104, 770–776.

  • France :

Pathologies Oculaires Liées à l’Age (POLA), Sète
Cécile Delcourt, Ph D ; Isabelle Carrière, MSc ; Alice Ponton-Sanchez, MSc ;
Sylvie Fourrey, BSc ; Annie Lacroux, MSc ; Laure Papoz, Ph D ; POLA Study Group.
Arch Ophthalmol. 2001;119:1463-1468.