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Points de Vue, International Review of Ophthalmic Optics, N62, Spring 2010

Points de Vue 62

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Dear Readers,

Our Spring 2009 issue was not large enough to include all the anniversaries that we wanted to mark, so this Spring 2010 issue contains the rest of the articles promised.

We begin with a preface by our new Director General, Hubert Sagnières, and his message of hope for the future.

Then one of the first Chairmen of Essilor in 1972, Anatole Temkine, looks back over the 160 years of the founding company of our Group.

Then comes an article by a pillar of modern optometry in the USA, Dr Irvin Borish plus an article by a young American optometrist on their reciprocal experiences with Varilux in the USA.

Philippe Alfroid looks back over the thirty year history of Points de Vue magazine, from the first issue in French, created in 1979 by Jacques Mur, through to the magazine that is currently available in four bilingual versions, French/German, English/Spanish, English/Mandarin and English/Brazilian Portuguese. I would like to take this opportunity also to mark the twenty years of work done by Andréa Chopart on the production and development of Points de Vue.

Mo Jalie looks back at his loyal cooperation as a member of the Scientific Reading Committee - it's been 15 years already!

As promised in the spring of 2009, we also have an article by the French astronaut, Patrick Baudry, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Man on the Moon.

Continuing with our tradition of a scientific, medical article, Professor Julián García Sánchez from Madrid depicts the need for early screening for glaucoma, a disease which unfortunately seems to be increasing in step with the improvement in our living conditions.

Within the context of community links, André-Dominique Négrel reports on progress made with actions undertaken by the Organisation for the Prevention of Blindness in several underprivileged regions of the world.

Quacoe Wossinu Senanu, from the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.), describes for us the means used by seniors today in countries where visual correction is not always easily available.

N.Venkatesh Prajna, from the Indian institution, Aravind, shows how the principle experimented with in India can be reproduced in other countries.

To bring this celebration of Varilux's fiftieth anniversary to a close, and with the help of our correspondents working in subsidiaries, Marie- Sophie Blondeau, Ishikawa Mitsuyo, Christophe Birades and Christine Neuweiller, we bring you reports from Rumania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Japan, Korea and Switzerland.

In the article by Hervé Cordier discover one of the latest anti-reflection products from Essilor.

To conclude this very special issue n°62, Igor Viktorovic Zimin from Russia gives us a glimpse, in a first section, of "The eye of the last Tsar of Russia…

Finally, for this new year 2010, we are delighted to welcome to our Scientific Reading Committee, Dr Clifford Brooks, a member of the faculty of the School of Optometry at the University of Indiana, Bloomington, USA. Dr Brooks spent two years as a visiting professor in Cologne and is the author of several books on optometry and optics.





Hubert Sagnières


Much must be changed to change nothing. The history of a fraternal association

Anatole Temkine

Varilux 2 in USA

Irvin M. Borish

Fifty years of Varilux in the USA: the impact

Linda Bennett

30th Anniversary of Points de Vue

Philippe Alfroid

30 years of PdV - a notable achievement

Mo Jalie

40th anniversary: man on the Moon… and the astronauts

Patrick Baudry

Medical scientific file

Early diagnosis of glaucoma

Julían García Sánchez

World link

Worldwide and in France : organization for the prevention blindness

André-Dominique Négrel

In Africa provision of spectacles for seniors is limited - how can this problem be overcome?

Quacoe Wossinu Senanu

Replication of Aravind model - A strategy to develop sustainable eye care programmes

N. Venkatesh Prajna, R. D. Thulasiraj, Sashi Priya, Suresh Kumar

Testimonials excerpts

Sorin Müntz • Romania

Marius Donkin • Bulgaria

Janec Gobec • Slovenia

Masayoshi Kajita • Japan

Yong Gun Kim • Korea

Maurice Deller • Switzerland


Crizal Forte

Hervé Cordier



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This article has been read 1142 times
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Points de Vue, International Review of Ophthalmic Optics, N62, Spring 2010

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