(Bio 2018)

- NSERC/Essilor Industrial Research Chair in Visual Function of Montréal University, School of Optometry, Quebec, Canada.
- Visual Psychophysics and Perception Laboratory, School of Optometry, Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Shortly after completing his bachelor’s degree in psychology at McGill University, Jesse Michaels took up an internship position at the Faubert lab. Once there, he had the opportunity to familiarize himself with the laboratory’s many different and innovative streams of research. This experience ultimately cemented his desire to pursue research professionally, and thus he began graduate studies under the supervision of Pr Jocelyn Faubert and Delphine Bernardin in the context of the NSERC/Essilor VisAge research chair. As of 2017, he has begun work on projects investigating the transfer of multiple object tracking performance to different ecological, real-world tasks such as driving as well as the use of neurofeedback to further enhance performance and transfer. 


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