Director of the Publication 2012-2014

After studies in Ecole Supérieure d’Optique in Paris, Jean-Pierre Chauveau was involved in Optronics industry, for night vision sector, during 12 years.

He joined Essilor in April 1989 in the team of Jean-Louis Mercier, to take the lead of progressive lens design in R&D, located in Paris. He created the Dioptric Group in 1990, bringing together visual system and optical design teams, and creating 2 teams for lens prototyping and new technologies for lens manufacturing. Then Varilux Comfort was created in 1991, and rolled out in 1993, after wearer tests done according to the new creative process of the Dioptric Loop.

He joined Global Engineering in 2004, to support the industrialisation of Digital Surfacing, needed for lens innovation roadmap.

In 2005, he was involved in new projects in BBGR, and started to file patents on measurement devices for fitting parameters.

In 2006, he joined DMS to take the lead of the Visioffice project, until the end of its global roll-out.

In 2009, he joined Global Quality to improve DS troubleshooting with D²S software. In parallel, he gave support to Points de Vue team and to Global Standardisation, to anticipate Jean-Louis Mercier retirement.

In 2012, he became Director of Publication of Points de Vue Magazine, and Director of Global Standardization.

In 2014, he left Points de Vue Magazine, taken over by Eva Lazuka, to concentrate on Standardization for Essilor Group.


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