Born to share expertise...

Points de Vue, the International Review of Ophthalmic Optics, was created in March 1979.

The publication was initiated by Jacques Mur, the founder of Medical Relations Division at Essilor (in 1977) and the Director of the Publication (1979-1992).

Originally intended for French ophthalmologists, the Points de Vue activity started with a circulation of 4000 copies in France. From the beginning, the philosophy of Points de Vue was aimed at peer-to-peer expertise sharing.

Enabling experts to publish their opinions and share their “points of view”, the magazine brought a new value to the previous purely didactic supports such as “Cahiers d'Optique Oculaire” (Ocular Optics Files).

The launch of Points de Vue built foundations for a long-lasting relationship between both the eye care professionals, practitioners, educators in the world of ophthalmic optics and the Essilor teams.

Turning English and colorful...

Throughout its first 10 years of existence, Points de Vue had embodied several successive developments.

In June 1980, the issue Number 3 welcomed the first article from a professor of ophthalmology, the “Color at the service of human beings” by Professor Dubois-Poulsen.  

In April 1981, the issue Number 5 featured the very first abstracts in English.  

Five years later, in 1986, the issue Number 16 featured its first full color edition and welcomed a first historical article written by Dr. Pierre Amalric: “A look at famous visually handicapped people: George, Nelson, and Napoleon 1st”.

Extending International scope...

In May 1991, the issue Number 27 welcomed the first ophthalmic-pictorial article “Edgar Degas’ point of view”, penned by Dr. Philippe Lanthony.

In 1992, a new team took the lead of the magazine: Marc Alexandre (Director of the Publication, 1992-2012) and Andréa Chopart (Chief Editor, 1993-2014).

In May 1993, the first French-English edition (the issue Number 29) was published. This bilingual publication extended the international readership of the magazine. The color features were definitely adopted with a new specialty article scope in ophthalmic optics.

Distributed with no charge to readers by Essilor teams in 45 countries, Points de Vue reached 20,000 copies circulated per issue in 1997.

New languages, special editions...

In 2001, Points de Vue began its two bilingual editions: French-German and English-Spanish. Three years later, for its 25th anniversary, the magazine welcomed the 5th language: Chinese (in bilingual Chinese-English version). Later, some selected issues were also published in Japanese (in bilingual Japanese-English version, 2005) and Brazilian Portuguese (in bilingual Portuguese-English version, 2009).

In spring 2001, Points de Vue creates its International Scientific Board with 9 members, identified as experts in their fields, and opinion leaders in their countries. 

At that time, the scientific reading board was coordinated by Marc Alexandre, the Director of the Publication and Jean-Louis Mercier, the Director of Optical Research at Essilor and later, the scientific team leader (2005-2012).

In 2004, Points de Vue celebrated its 25th birthday through two “Special editions”.

In spring 2007, Points de Vue created its international Editorial Board welcoming internal Essilor’s experts from Europe, USA, South America and Australia.

In spring 2009, Points de Vue celebrated the 50th anniversary of Varilux (with exceptional production of 50,000 copies). In fall 2009, the 30th birthday of the magazine and the 40th anniversary of the Man on the Moon. “Special editions” were published for each.

In autumn 2010, Points de Vue launched its first website: www.pointsdevue.com aimed at enhancing readers’ experience with more interactive contents. 

Focus on key themes...

In fall 2011, Jean-Pierre Chauveau, the Director of Global Quality and Standardization at Essilor, joined the Editorial Board of Points de Vue.

In spring 2013, he took over from Marc Alexandre and Jean-Louis Mercier (both retired from their respective responsibilities) and became the new Director of the Publication (2013-2014). 

The period 2013-2014, was crucial for the development of Points de Vue, providing a refreshed layout and exploring major themes expected by readers such as “Blue Light”, “Aging” “Personalization” and “Visual Fatigue”.

Consequently, Points de Vue refocused its content strategy on both the latest research knowledge and product innovations through the key themes which were jointly selected by the Editorial Board and Alain Riveline, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing,

In December 2013, Andréa Chopart retired from her position of Chief Editor, and Jean-Pierre Chauveau took other responsibilities while gradually passing the leadership to a new team in 2014.

In 2014, Points de Vue has entrusted the leadership and further developments to Eva Lazuka-Nicoulaud, the Associate Director at Essilor International in charge of Global Key Opinion Leaders and Health.

For its 35th anniversary, Points de Vue (issue Number 71) came with a new editorial line and welcomed twenty-six international experts sharing their multidisciplinary expertise on the theme of “Prevention”.  

Besides its new layout and logo, the review was re-designed around 5 sections: Experts’ voice, Science, Clinic, Market Watch, Art & Vision.

Preserving its peer-to-peer spirit, Points de Vue enlarged its Editorial Board (16 members) and reinforced its international scope with new monolingual issues published in five languages.

From 2015... 

In June 2015, Points de Vue launched its new DIGITAL platform www.pointsdevue.com extending thus its readership via both Print and Web and enabling a free access to online contents.

The website came with new functionalities and allowed gradual uploads of past publications, highlighting at the same time hundreds of articles and authors who have been contributing to Points de Vue throughout the world.

We selected the theme of Digital Vision for the Issue #72 (2015) and Myopia Issue #73 (2016), while publishing several other articles online on the theme Ocular Phototoxicity (UV, Blue-Violet Light) and the topics related to the latest innovations in Optical Industry.

In January 2017, Points de Vue, the International Review of Ophthalmic Optics became fully digital focusing on online publications only. Greater flexibility, intensified frequency and daily activity on Social Media pages such as LinkedInFacebookTwitterYoutube facilitate now conncetions and knowledge sharing with 100 000 Eye Health Professionals in 186 countires.