Guillaume Giraudet
PhD, R&D Study Manager, Essilor Center of Innovation & Technology Europe

Guillaume Giraudet is currently R&D program manager in Essilor International, in Paris. From 2009 to 2016, he was associate professor at the School of Optometry of the University of Montreal and R&D study manager at Essilor Canada. During this period, he was involved in the research program of the NSERC-Essilor Industrial Chair. Guillaume, who holds a Master degree in optometry (1996) and a PhD in cognitive Science (2000), has been in Essilor International’s R&D department since 2001.

Guillaume’s main field of research are:

- Myopia

- Adaptation to progressive lenses

- Presbyopia management

- The role of vision in balance control

- Spatial frequency processing in visual perception

- Visual attention

- Visual training


3 Publications