R&D Research Manager Vision Sciences R&D Department Essilor International

Based in Paris, Gildas Marin PhD is a senior vision scientist at the Essilor Centre of Innovation & Technology Europe and a member of Essilor international’s Vision Sciences R&D team. A graduate of the Institut of Optics Graduate School, Gildas completed his training with a doctoral thesis in 1997 at the Institut of Optics together with the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital (Paris) in medical imaging. His main research topics are vision modeling, the simulation of optical effects and visual performances, with a particular emphasis on the impact of optical aberrations on vision. More recently, Gildas has worked on improving refraction methodologies. Since 2015, he has managed a research programme on the development and validation of algorithms and methods of precise refraction implemented in the Vision-RTM 800 and AVATM (Advanced Vision Accuracy) offer.



4 Publications