Doctor of Sciences, Emeritus Director of Research at INSERM in Lyon, Scientific Attaché at Lyon Sud Hospital, France
(Bio, 2014)

François Vital-Durand was Research Director at INSERM and the École Pratique des Hautes Études, Scientific Attaché at Lyon-Sud Hospital and Associate Professor at the Montreal School of Optometry.
He holds a Docteur ès Sciences degree and bachelor’s degree in psychology.
He has taught at numerous universities in France and abroad.
He researched the coordination between the eye and the brain in the kitten (at MIT, Boston) and the development of visual function in the newborn monkey (at Oxford).
He founded the “Bébé Vision” clinic in Lyon, France, which accepts children as patients from the early months of life.
He chairs the Lyon Committee of the Valentin Haüy Association serving the blind and visually impaired.


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