Dr. Gonzalo Carracedo
OD, MsC, PhD, University Complutense of Madrid, Spain.

(Bio 2016)

Dr. Gonzalo Carracedo joined the University Complutense of Madrid as an assistant professor of optometry and contact lenses in 2006. He is also currently a lecturer at the European University of Madrid, where he teaches about specialty contact lenses. He obtained his PhD (European mention) with a thesis entitled “Adenine dinucleotides as molecular biomarkers of dry eye”. He belongs to the Ocupharm Diagnostics research group, which focuses on the ocular surface, contact lenses and dry eye research and development. He is also a member of the GICO research group, which is specialized in myopia control, corneal aberrations and vision. His PhD thesis dealt with nucleotides as a marker of dry eye in different conditions, including when wearing contact lenses or in the context of refractive surgery and systemic disease related to dry eye. He is the author of 38 papers (some related to myopia control and orthokeratology) in peer-review journals such as IOVS, Current Eye Research and Experimental Eye Research. He has also been a reviewer for these journals, plus the Journal of Optometry and the Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics. He has been involved in 16 research projects (four as the main researcher) regarding the ocular surface (i.e. keratoconus, dry eye myopia and contact lenses) and glaucoma. 


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