Chrisitan FRANCHI opticien
Optician, Optique Vaneau, Paris, FRANCE

(Bio 2016)

Christian Franchi graduated from the EOL (Ecole d’Optique et Lunetterie - School of Optics) in Lille, France, and trained at the ICO (Institut et Centre d’Optométrie – International College of Optometry) in Bures sur Yvette, France. He has practiced in Paris as an optician since 1979. Throughout his professional experience in tending to his wearers’ visual health, Christian has continued to deepen his technical expertise. He was particularly interested in ophthalmic optical surfaces, their designing and implementation in optical equipment. With the advent of digital surfacing technologies in 2006, Christian has worked on methods of detecting a wearer’s actual visual axes and on tracking the eye’s center of rotation behind a corrective lens. He patented the OPHTAGYRE process in 2008. Christian Franchi is also a lecturer at several training seminars.


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