B Sc Optom; M Sc; PhD, Associate Director, Wenzhou Medical University - Essilor International Research Center (WEIRC)

(bio 2016)

Dr. Björn Drobe obtained a B.Sc. in Optometry, a M.Sc. in Cognitive Sciences and a Ph.D. in Vision Sciences in Paris, France. He joined the French Essilor Int. research team in 1998, working mainly on the interaction between ophthalmic lenses and the human visual system, as well as on progressive myopia in children. From 2007 to 2013, Dr. Drobe relocated to Essilor R&D Singapore for a higher involvement in myopia research. Since June 2013, he is the associate director of WEIRC (Wenzhou Medical University – Essilor International Research Center), managing an international research team on myopia in children.


3 Publications