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Retinal light exposure after cataract surgery, what are the risks?

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Myopia rise and vision health issues left in its wake

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A look at progress in orthokeratology

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The new category of Eyezen™ ophthalmic lenses for connected life is targeted at all digital device users.  Eyezen™ lenses have been tested by independent market research institutes and assessed by future ametropic and emmetropic users. Based on an extremely positive response from wearers of single-vision ...[READ MORE]

The penetration of optical radiation deep within the eye is a paradox as light is an essential component for vision but it may also be a biohazard. Short wave­length blue-violet light is potentially harmful whilst longer wavelength blue-turquoise is essential for healthy living. Prof. John Marshall explai...[READ MORE]

Myopia is becoming a real public health concern across the world. 
The number of myopic people is increasing rapidly. The prevalence of high myopia is also expected to rise. Understanding myopia development and methods to slow its progression is currently one of the biggest stakes for researchers and clini...[READ MORE]

Many factors must be taken into account when controlling myopia progression. There is no doubt genetics plays a role in the development of myopia in children. But lifestyle is also an important factor to consider. In terms of safe and effective treatment, orthokeratology is now known to be successful in c...[READ MORE]

The specific needs of highly myopic patients require special attention from eye care professionals. This article describes both the visual discomfort and main visual disorders  ssociated with high myopia and explains the risks of visual impairment. It also discusses the specificities of refraction and the...[READ MORE]

Blue light exposure, whether outdoors from the sunlight or indoors from LED backlit screens, can have deleterious effects. Based on a literature review, Victor Molina describes numerous ocular complications that blue-violet light exposure can induce. He also elaborates on preventive measures, specifically...[READ MORE]

The potential dangers of blue light on the human eye are a subject of increasing debate, notably since the widespread use of LED lamps. This review addresses what blue light is, demonstrates where it is found, and explains why it can be harmful and under what conditions, and concludes with some recommenda...[READ MORE]

Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) is one of the leading educational and research medical universities in China. Beyond its academic excellence and high-end medical services, WMU is a leader in advanced research in ophthalmology and optometry. Against the backdrop of an unprecedented rise in myopia in East ...[READ MORE]

There is evidence in many countries globally that the prevalence of myopia is on the rise. Advances in measurement technology now allow many environmental factors potentially associated with the development and progression of myopia to be quantified reliably and sampled densely. Our recent prospective lon...[READ MORE]

Harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) and blue-violet light manifest differently in the human eye. Cumulative exposure to blue-violet light has been linked with the development of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). This article highlights the potential hazards of exposure to UV and blue-violet light, a...[READ MORE]

The prevalence of myopia and high myopia is on the rise across the world. Recent work from the Brien Holden Vision Institute esti­mates that by 2050, 5 billion (50%) people will be myopic, 1 billion (10%) highly myopic. This may have important implications for planning comprehensive eye care services, inc...[READ MORE]

New ophthalmic lenses filtering harmful blue-violet light were introduced into the marketplace a few years ago. Since their launch, Crizal® Prevencia® lenses have gained widespread commitment among optometrists, dispensing optician lens experts and wearers. Jean Oldbury, owner of an independent practice i...[READ MORE]


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